Aicher Ambulance Services

Medical Service

With the scope Medical Service the Aicher Ambulance Union offers a wide range of individual adjusted
and professionally accomplished service to their clients. We proof our professionality every day at
construction-sites, functions, concerts, exhibitions, sport events and shootings with medical attendances
in Munich and southern Germany – and we will be happy to create a specially adopted concept for your
performance to suit your needs.
With our medically high qualified specialists and the latest, state-of-the-art equipment,
the Aicher Ambulance Union is a capable partner at your side.

In the course of our youth encouragement young people learn a self dependent, social and team-oriented
contact with fellow men. A well-balanced mixture of leisure, training and real operation gives the
adolescent the opportunity to shape their spare time reasonably.

Further more the Aicher Ambulance Union is the right contact in the fields Civil Protection
and Disaster Control. It starts with public information, education and awareness-trainings,
and goes to sending out intervention teams and other experts for aid and to detecting and studying
causes of disasters.

With our vehicles, equipment and stand-by units we are able to act immediately in case of need.
In our efforts to prevent disasters we are dealing with the disaster management cycle from prevention
over preparedness to response. We offer seminars, expert exchanges, workshops and other training tools
and co-operate with the Haz Mat Department of Munich County.

In order to mitigate human suffering our Emergency Management counts on emergency plans,
exercises, mobilizing emergency response personnel and equipment, conduct of search and rescue,
alerting the public and education.
In the stage of recovery we do crisis counseling, give long term medical assistance, help with
reconstruction and rehabilitation. To give a prominent example, our emergency management group
operated in Thailand in 2004 when the Tsunami destroyed most parts of the coast.

A further domain is the Crisis Intervention. When an individual has been affected by a crisis,
our team helps to prevent or treat a post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The effective approach
is very important to maximize the intervention’s success. Our trauma treatment resorts to strategies
and guidelines, lethatility assessment measures and suicide prevention techniques.

Patient Transportation Ambulances

Since 1985 patients who need medical care during carriage are transported by the PTAs of Aicher
Ambulance Union. Our service contains hospital dismissals and confinements, dialysis transports
and long distance transportation. Our PTAs are equipped by latest, state-of-the-art devices, far
above standard and staffed with experienced, well-trained personnel. Over the years we were able
to gain numerous hospitals, rehabilitation centers and insurance companies for partner at a
long term basis.

Medical Repatriation Services

Additionally we provide europewide streetbound medical repatriation and airbound worldwide service.
We offer - especially in this sector – comfortable, air-conditioned and air-sprung vehicles with
external vehicle heater. In this area we select personnel with international experience and good
knowledge in foreign languages. We certainly provide for this long range transports special equipments
and services tailored to suit the patient’s particular needs. International insurance companies rely
on us in this field of expertise.

Mobile Intensive Care Units

The MICUs are for patients who need critical care treatment and physician-accompanied transportation.
Our unique vehicle-concept which exceeds the standard of rescue and emergency vehicles by far,
allows us to perform intensive-care-transportation, e. g. after operations, for further diagnostics or
other reasons, between hospitals or to burn centers. We provide a team of intensive care specialists
with many years of experience, who are constantly trained according to European standards.
The physicians are all medical specialists. On principle we have anaesthesiologists on board, but we
can provide cardiologists, emergency doctors, pediatricians, neonatologists or other medical specialists.
Furthermore we equip our MICUs with latest, state-of-the-art-equipment including incubator, intensive
care ventilators, blood gas analysis devices, invasive and non-invasive monitoring, external pacers, etc.

24h-Co-ordinating Office

Our co-ordinating office is available twenty-four-seven via:
0049 – 89 – 77 77 77
It contains our Emergency call center where all operations are scheduled, directed and controlled.
The captivating technology (e. g. digital radio communication, state-of-the-art software, GPS-devices,
radio alert system) stands for itself and the staffs are special trained EMS-personnel and dispatchers,
speaking various languages. Furthermore you find here our emergency medical assistance service
and the helpdesk who are glad to serve your needs.

Emergency Medical Service

The mission of our Emergency Medical Service is to save lives by providing advanced life support
on highest level. With the integration into the public rescue service system our EMS-vehicles are
dispatched by the fire department via the joint dispatch number 112.
The Aicher Ambulance EMS-personnel are highly trained and experienced in pre-hospital emergency
healthcare. As an officially licensed EMS-Trainer we grant best education possible. As we provide
the Director of Operations it is our mission to evaluate the tactical-organizational prospects of
EMS in case of disasters to aim the best possible supply of all persons concerned.

Home Care Service

The Home Care Service helps people to live independently in their own homes with the safety of a
variety of options and services we offer. It can enhance your health and quality of life by
helping you maintain your independence. The type of home care service you may need depends
on factors such as your mental and physical health, what kind of support you have from family
or friends, and whether you live in your own home or in a facility that provides some types
of assistance. We offer In-house emergency calls with our care-phone system, emergency nursing
service, geriatric home care and disabled service. Our home health agency is available via the
24h-Co-ordinating Office and provides you with a high standard of service and the domestic
assistance such as personal care and health care you might require.

Paramedical Trainings

The Aicher Ambulance Training Center conducts classes for medical professionals and instruction for
paramedics and EMTs.
As officially licensed EMS-Trainer we are able to educate our personnel internally.

Further to paramedic and EMT instruction we offer:

- Ambulance service quality management courses
- Aero-medical trainings
- Critical care patient trainings
- Intensive care refresher
- Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) trainings
- First aid trainings
- And many more

For further information and schedules please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Flight Ambulance

What started in the late 80s with charter of airplanes on mission-to-mission basis is now one of the most
important fields in the Aicher Ambulance Union. The Flight Ambulance ensures patient transportation and
repatriation to and from around the world. We offer ambulance flights with airplanes and helicopters
equipped with ICU-stretchers and latest, state-of-the-art equipment to match the patients needs on short
and long range flights.
Our bed-to-bed service guarantees that the intensive care is not interrupted at any time.
With pre-transport patient assessments we ensure best possible patient safety and personalized
transportation with the experts needed onboard.

Munich Airport Mobility Service

Equal participation in air transport:
On July 26th 2008 the EU Regulation No. 1107/2006 became effective which regulates the rights of
disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility travelling by air. The basic concern of the
regulation is to enable disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility the participation in air
transport to the same extent like other people. In order to reach this goal the responsibility for
the process is assigned from the airlines to the airports. Hence, the airports are responsible for
the supply of the assistance service and for the compliance with the consistent European standards.
At Munich Airport the Aicher Ambulance Union accepted a bid to provide the assistance service as
the Mobility Service on behalf of Munich Airport.

Consultancy for Emergency Medical Services

Our Consultancy Service provides professional advise in various medical fields.
We provide expertise to our clients starting with analysis, individual risk assessments and
strategic planning, coming to implementation and special-purpose solutions. Therefore we
are a reliable partner for other EMS-service-provider, embassies, insurance companies,
health authorities, government agencies and many more.