Aicher Ambulance Facts


The Aicher Ambulance Union operates with employed personnel and freelancers on mission-to-mission basis. Member of our staffs are physicians (e. g. anesthesiologists, cardiologists, pediatricians, neonatologists, emergency doctors), paramedics, EMTs, nurses, intensive care nurses and other specialists such as instructors, disinfectors, director of operations. Interdisciplinary we count on safety engineers, fire commanders, fire prevention officers, risk prevention officers, and many more. They all are trained on regular basis by specialists to remain on the newest conditions of knowledge.



- Mercedes Sprinter (different models)
- VW T5 (different models)
- Ford Transit (different models)


- Mercedes Sprinter (different models)
- VW Crafter (different models)


Mercedes Sprinter (different models)

Medical Service

- Mercedes Sprinter (different models)
- VW T5 (different models)
- BMW X3
- Mercedes Benz O307


- Mercedes Vito (director of operations vehicle)
- BMW 5 (shift supervisor)
- BMW 3 (administration in charge)
- BMW X5 (mobility service)
- Ford Transit (mobility service)
- Ford Tourneo (mobility service)
- Smart (mobility service)
- Opel Astra (crisis intervention)
- Opel Signum (promotion)
- Opel Zafira (home care service)
- Mercedes C-Class (home care service)
- Mercedes E-Class (home care service)

This list is just a short overview and doesn’t claim to be complete.


Depending on the diverse services we offer, different equipments are applied. The Aicher Ambulance Union is known for its latest, state-of-the-art equipment and best available technology. We are in most cases cutting-edge in launching new devices.